About this blog

Hello all!  It’s likely that you already know me if you’re reading this.  However, let me quickly introduce myself for the readers who floated in on the digital breeze:

I finally got up the nerve to enroll in a master’s program for library and information science after some years in an unfulfilling and aimless career path,  and haven’t looked back since.  My ultimate goal has always been children and youth services, and a class on the history of children’s literature absolutely settled the matter.  The artistry, vision, sense of humor, generosity, and sincerity of the best of the genre absolutely takes my breath away.  Throw in the lives of the illustrators and writers*, (and sometimes the relationships between the two), and you have something utterly fascinating.

So here I am, finally, with my blog.  It’s something I’ve been kicking around for a number of months because of all the tangents that I couldn’t fit into formal school paper submissions.  This is my brain marginalia free for you to enjoy.

*Did you know E. B. White was a farmer who raised and slaughtered pigs?  Or that the original illustrator for The Wizard of Oz bought an island in Bermuda and proclaimed himself king?  Now you do!

Well met, and many happy returns.