Picture Book Review: The Frank Show

David Mackintosh, author & illustrator. (2012). The Frank Show. New York, New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers.  Age range: 5-7.

My volunteer time among the local library stacks has led me to a new picture book gem, The Frank Show by David Mackintosh.  A little boy is trying to hard find a family member to bring to show and tell.  Mom and Dad are busy.  The only person left is Grandpa Frank.  Frank is boring, and complains about everything.  The other kids in class have family members who do cool stuff like speak Italian or work at the potato chip factory.  Frank surprises everyone, including his grandson, by regaling them all with tales of battlefield heroics from his youth.

Looking for a book to read to your grandchild?  Or perhaps you’re a parent looking to get Grandma and Grandpa in on the story time act with your child?  The Frank Show is a perfect choice.  This is a fun book that promotes intergenerational understanding with a light touch.  Mackintosh includes just the right amount of silliness and sincere emotion.

The art adds so much to the story.  “Things were a lot tougher back then,” according to Frank.  The grandson then imagines Frank’s childhood world.  You can’t quite be sure if Frank exaggerates or if the grandson takes his own imaginative leaps.  Regardless, my favorite part is the dinosaur:

All in all, a great book.  I highly recommend it.  Your big and little Franks will love it.

Relevant Links:

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